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Paradigm Travel Honeymoon Guide

Congrats! You are about to embark on your first, most romantic and best vacation as a newly married couple! See below for a few guidelines to help you along the way…

When should you start planning?

Begin planning your honeymoon in the early stages of the wedding planning process, not after every aspect of your wedding has been planned.


  • You stand a better chance of getting your dream room in your dream hotel. If you wait too late to book then that same room could now cost a premium.
    • Ideal time to book is at least 3 months before traveling (more if going international)
  • Typically, your wedding will cost more than you budget!
    • Do you really need that extra $1500 worth of flowers? Beginning the honeymoon planning early, that is, setting the honeymoon budget will help you stick to your wedding budget and better yet, ensure you have the requisite amount of money set aside for your trip of a lifetime.
  • But if money is not an issue—great! How about a private jet excursion?

Where should you go?

Setting social norms aside, I would recommend a joint discussion between the both of you on where to go for your honeymoon; however, I do recognize that sometimes the groom wishes to make the plans. Whichever path you take, your honeymoon should be to a destination you would both enjoy.  But what if you have different tastes? How do you decide when ‘wife-to-be’ wants to go skiing in the Swiss Alps and ‘husband- to-be’ wants to go Gorilla tracking in Rwanda (Both are great options!)?  Well, clearly I’m not about to answer that question, but, as the saying goes, “if mama ain’t happy …”

Ok let’s make it easy and assume you are planning this together and do the following exercise:

  • Without thinking
    • Where have you always dreamed of going on your honeymoon?
  • Now with some thought
    • Which destination(s) have you always wanted to visit?
    • How do you envision spending your honeymoon? Relaxed on a beach/lake, discovering a new region, touring (castles, temples, museums, etc.), adrenaline packed or volunteering?
    • How long do you want your honeymoon to last?
  • Think about the best vacation you had (as a couple or otherwise)
    • What did you enjoy most and/or least about it?
    • What factors played a role in your enjoyment? Was it the hotel? The service? The excursions? The solitude?
  • Now for the money question!
    • If money was not a factor, would your answers remain the same?

While these are just starter questions, they should help you generate your list based on personal preferences and not what’s currently trendy.

Use your responses as a guide to narrow down the choices for your honeymoon and your knowledgeable travel advisor will work with you to further refine those choices based on season (best time to travel), length of stay, general travel requirements and of course, budget.

How much should you budget?

Let’s make 2 things absolutely clear:

  1. Your wedding is probably the most expensive party you will throw for your family and friends; it’s not really for you.
  2. But your honeymoon is a private celebration of your marriage and it’s a vacation that is completely for the both of you.

Now that that’s been put into perspective, where would you rather commit your funds? Most people have to make concessions, so realize the old adage “You get what you pay for” is especially true in the travel industry.  As mentioned earlier in this article, beginning the planning process early can help you realize the honeymoon of your dreams, within your budget (practicing financial responsibility of course).

So how much should you budget for your honeymoon? There are no hard and fast rules, budget what you can afford, keeping in mind that certain exotic locations (Hawaii, Tahiti, Paris, etc.) could include an expensive international flight and you may need a longer time (more hotel nights) to get over your jet lag.

Paradigm Travel & You

Paradigm Travel elevates every trip. We know how to get the best value for your time and money, and, thanks to our global connections, we can VIP you at hotels, on cruise lines, on tours, and more.  (Click here to read why you should use a Travel Advisor)

While the average honeymooners vacation for 6 – 8 days in the Caribbean and 10 – 15 days in more exotic destinations, we recognize that you are individuals and will collaborate with you on your unique honeymoon.  Yes, our focus is on luxury vacations; however, we will work within your budget to create the best honeymoon package for you:  an all-inclusive hotel in Jamaica, a wine lover’s escape to Napa Valley, or a romantic journey along the South African coast.

Paradigm Travel will be with you from the planning stages to the completion of your trip.  We will help you think creatively on where to go and what to do while you are there.  And, again, because for us it’s personal, we can be as full service or as ad hoc as you desire.


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Your honeymoon is the most memorable trip you will ever take together so devote the proper planning to it and let’s make it amazing!

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