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7 Essential Travel Tips for Traveling to a Foreign Country

Exotic foreign travel doesn’t have to be scary.  With the right precautions and preparations, your venture to a foreign (language) country can be quite exciting, especially if you learn a little about the culture and common greetings before getting there.  This is especially relevant if you do not speak, write or read the local language. But what a wonderful way to get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself!

The  7 Travel Tips

  1. Bring a paper copy of everything, you never know when and where you will have internet access or a fully charged phone
    • Boarding passes
    • Hotel confirmation(s)
    • Tour vouchers, etc.
  2.  Print out the physical address of the hotel, in the local language, this is especially important if you do not speak the local language. Many taxi drivers feign ignorance and try to take you for a ride, literally and figuratively! Even better, get a local SIM card and follow along on Google Maps to redirect if necessary. And even better than that, yes it’s possible, arrange to have a transfer to your hotel, a luxury car would make it that much better don’t you think?
  3. Reconfirm your flight 24 hours before flight departure time and check the airline’s website for travel advisories.
  4. Order enough currency from your local bank, this is where you will usually get the best exchange rate, as a last resort, buy it when you reach your destination – enough to cover transportation costs to your hotel.  Many taxis do not accept credit cards.
  5. It may cost more, but always, always, take the legal taxis at the airport. Be aware that many airport ‘information desks’ are fake, only trust the ones that are not offering to sell you anything or arrange a pre-paid taxi for you – this is especially valid in some Asian cities, here’s looking at you Shanghai!
  6. Bring a photocopy or electronic copy (preferable) of the biographic page (the page with your photo on it) of your passport and keep it separate from your actual passport.
  7. Likewise, keep a copy of the international phone numbers of all credit cards that you take with you in case you lose your cards while traveling.

Good rule of thumb that I live by – I take a maximum of two credit cards (reward travel credit cards – gotta earn those points) and one debit card for emergency cash.

Travel well!

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