Seryna Cher Mon Ton Ton

SerynaThere is a reason why people think Tokyo is expensive and that is because it is. Finding affordable dining is a lot of work and further complicated by the following:


  1. no street names – how on earth is one supposed to find places?
  2. English is not widely spoken – there goes asking random locals for recommendations
  3. almost everything is in Japanese – come on, really?

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Peninsula Paris Hotel and more

703Paris, like any other big city, may seem quite expensive, but in actuality it caters to all budgets. I chose the luxury side for this trip for research purposes. Gotta experience it to sell it right? Full disclosure, my trip wasn’t high end all the way; I didn’t get a private transfer nor used a driver in and around Paris. But, I didn’t want it that way, one of my favorite thing to do in Paris is wander around aimlessly and make new discoveries, and I cannot get that being chauffeured around now can I?

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