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Family Fun in Cancun

Family Fun at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun

What do you do when Aeromexico advertises amazing flight deals from USA to Mexico? You buy four plane tickets for less than what it would cost to buy two tickets from your favorite legacy airline and whip your family away to the impressive, all-inclusive luxury resort – the Hyatt Ziva!

Five Days in Paradise

IMG_9341The Hyatt Ziva is  beautiful and truly your passport to family fun activities in a luxury setting! Perfect for families and couples alike, the resort is big, but not overwhelmingly so which allowed our kids to quickly make friends with the few other kids that were not in the kids club (the kids club is better suited for younger kids) and they alternated between hanging out in the pool and in the ocean. The staff were very kid friendly and attentive, and served the kids non-alcoholic drinks every time we ordered our adult version. And when it rained, and boy did it rain, we sought refuge in the nearest restaurant, lounge area or candy shop until it stopped.


First Wow!

Those men are aggressive!
Despite telling them several times, in English, Spanish and Spanglish that we have a driver, we were constantly bombarded with taxi offers during our walk to the pickup location. Yikes!

Second Wow!

This hotel is gorgeous! We finally made it to the end of the Zona Hotelera and were warmly greeted by the (porters) who offered us cool rags to refresh our faces and hands and then escorted us to the enclosed check in room. “Your room would be ready in an hour…” we were told by the friendly check in agent (we requested early check-in) and they offered to store our bags until then. Oh well, we decided to explore the property  but first we drank our welcome drinks, the kids especially loved this – they pretended they were drinking champagne!

The kids changed into their swimsuits while we gawked at the view of the pool and beach from the lobby. The blues of the pool and sea were simply amazing.

Although it was still early, we grabbed some shrimp fajita and margarita from the pop up pool restaurant and walked down to the beach to keep watch on the kids.  Three hours later after enjoying the beach and eating lunch at the buffet restaurant, we went to pick up our room key and bags. We were promptly walked over to the club tower and our bell man gave us a great overview of the luxurious Hyatt Ziva hotel and our in-room amenities.


Third Wow!

The view. This view was divine. We spent many hours on our balcony looking out below us and even watched a wedding taking place at the gorgeous gazebo!

The room was nice enough, the stocked fridge and snacks were replenished daily. Needless to say, but despite having snacks and a bar on the first floor of the club tower, we really enjoyed having these in our room as well. Oh and 24 hour room service, now that’s a nice perk if one is just too tired to go out after a day of sun.


Fourth Wow!

Delicious food, nice ambiance and attentive service, absolutely what you would expect from a luxury resort and we were not disappointed. We ate at all but two of the 7 restaurants (the French restaurant is adults only and we missed the closing time to the Diner on our last night at the hotel). Our favorites were the Steakhouse, Buffet and Habaneros. I have to admit that we didn’t really like Lorenzos, which is weird since we all liked what we ordered. Weird.

Rainy beach view from Habaneros
Rainy beach view from Habaneros


Leaving with regrets

While we did not go off property and experience the Mayan culture, the Hyatt Ziva Cancun brought a little bit of the culture into the property by way of music, dance and crafts. The nightly entertainment was pretty good and we bought some local craft from the vendors that came in one of the nights. Lovely stuff and low pressure, quite unlike the taxi drivers at the airport.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and so we bid farewell to the Hyatt Ziva and Cancun, Mexico. It was a great five days enjoying the beautiful beach and hotel for a  kick off to the beginning of summer break for the kids.

Kids kayaking
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