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Not So Spring Break at JW Marriott Hill Country

After battling traffic and 1 million “are we there yet?” (Yes I counted), we finally made it to San Antonio and not a drop of rain! This is great since the weather forecast predicted rain and thunderstorms for our entire stay at the JW Marriott Resorts & Spa in Hill Country. But what could we do? Our plans were already made and the kids were excited and hoping to reconnect with past friends from our previous spring break vacation.

Tip: Check in prior to getting to the hotel and definitely request early check-in if you expect to be there by check-in time. There were many carts lined up of all the people who had to wait for their rooms to be ready.

After a quick and easy check in we quickly changed into our swimsuits and headed straight for the new slides! The kids were super excited and raced to climb the never ending stairs that would get them to the top. They loved it! The temperature was cool but that didn’t deter them, they did the slides two more times, completely ignoring the old slides in favor of the new and exhilarating slides. Luckily for me the cold eventually got to them and we migrated to heated lazy river. Well maybe not so lucky for me – despite the fact that the lazy river was heated, it was still too cold for me. Do kids have a higher cold tolerance?! The lazy river is my favorite activity at this resort but today I’m just gonna keep warm under a couple towels and watch the kids freeze.

Well to say the least, our 4 days alternated between hanging out at the resort water park, nature walk, running for cover from the passing thunderstorms and listening to the nightly musical entertainment while the kids play any and all of the indoor games with newly acquired friends.

Today, the penultimate day, and it is beautiful and bright and ridiculously cold. But what can we do? The water park was almost empty except for a couple brave/foolish kids in the lazy river- this was not our destination today, no way, we were headed straight for the huge, newly built outdoor hot tub. And you know what? I spent the whole day there, only getting out when the kids dragged me to the slides.

Despite Mother Nature not cooperating with us spring breakers, we had a great time as usual at the JW Marriott, and as usual, we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on property despite other options within 10 minutes of the resort and the lovely River Walk less than 40 minutes away. What can I say, the food is good and so is the service and really who wants the hassle?

So while it was a cold and rainy spring break in Texas, it was loads of family fun and bonding, so much so I forgot to take many pictures!

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