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Travel Agency?

What do you do? Where do you work? I always see you traveling, are you a travel agent? These are the questions I fielded from family, friends and Facebook friends (and we all know these are in a different friend bucket). You see, the answer to this question was three-fold:

  • Global MBA
  • Product Strategy Manager
  • Wanderlust travel for the heck of it

But then there came a point late 2015 when I took a leap of faith and launched Paradigm Travel.

How are you gonna make money being a travel agent? Are you crazy? Can you make money in this industry? Do they still exist? I’m not sure if those were all my questions or voiced questions from the “worried” but I could see it in their faces. Or was that my imagination? Regardless, I made up my mind and moving forward into this wonderful and scary world of travel because for the few who truly know me their comments were – you were born for this!

It was surprisingly easy to register my company. Just a matter of doing a quick google search, read through WIKI How To,  $20 later I had a company. Sweet. But then came the additional tasks of really owning a company such as getting a tax id, bank account, setting up a website, and….

Crap where are the clients? And oops I actually need to learn how to be an agent.

OK, I got this, ’cause you see, although my WIKI info was not comprehensive, I’m not the type of person to jump in without thoroughly researching every aspect of this industry!

Come along for the ride…




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