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Seryna Cher Mon Ton Ton

There is a reason why people think Tokyo is expensive and that is because it is. Finding affordable dining is a lot of work and further complicated by the following:

  1. No street names – how on earth is one supposed to find places?
  2. English is not widely spoken – there goes asking random locals for recommendations
  3. Almost everything is in Japanese – come on, really?

Review – Dinner at Seryna Cher Mon Ton Ton Teppanyaki Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Well now you are left to yelping, trip advising and/or speaking to your hotel concierge – but this can be tricky based on the class hotel you are in because the concierge will always send you to somewhere well known and vetted and in a similar or higher category to the hotel which is why I ended up dining alone at the Seryna Cher Mon Ton Ton teppanyaki restaurant.

This restaurant is located on the 52nd floor of the Sumitomo building – a multi use building which is very typical of Tokyo due to its limited space issue. I walked in for my 6:30 PM dinner reservation a few minutes early and was warmly greeted. As soon as I said I had a reservation, the host looked at the list, welcomed me by name and walked me to my seat in front of my personal chef. Now if you have read any reviews of this restaurant you know the prices are as high as Mount Fuji and with varied opinions on whether it was worth the price or not. Well, based on service alone it was already slanting to being worth it. The decor wasn’t exceptional, honestly it was just OK and definitely did not reflect the price point of the restaurant.

I made my selection from the prefix menu and despite the showmanship of the chef, the plating of the meal and even the attentiveness of the staff, I could not give this restaurant a thumps up. The food was just ok-good and the order of serving was weird for me, I got my rice after I was done with the steak – I prefer to eat my meat with my starch and not after, and I guess in typical Japanese fashion the meal ended with a lobster headed miso soup. Haha.

Surprisingly the best tasting meal of the night was the lobster (but seriously I could not watch it being cooked as it was still moving! I guess it was pretty fresh), not the Wagyu beef, although it was melt in your mouth tender, it was just a little too tender and too fatty for me. This was my first time having it as a steak and its not for me.

The certificate of authentication was a cute touch (I got it from the couple that ordered the Kobe beef).

After the meal, I was escorted to the dessert station but since I was stuffed I declined the dessert and sipped on my very delicious espresso and looked out at the Tokyo skyline. Well the view was certainly amazing and sorta made up for the meal, sorta. Was it worth the over $200 price? No, absolutely not; but I met a cool couple, had a nice evening and to top it off, I did not have to order ramen from a vending machine…

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